Most of us are operating from conditioned patterns in our subconscious, which are causing us to think and act in ways which are no longer serving us. Through deep relaxation, creative visualization, and positive suggestion, new programs are installed to provide greater ease and effectiveness, at home, on the job, or on the playing field.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT, developed by Gary Craig, involves tapping on a series of acupressure points along energy pathways or meridians.  I teach you how to tap those points yourself along with a customized protocol to address your key issues.  The beauty of EFT is that it can promote healing in the office as well as at home on your own.  The benefits include: resolving inner conflicts, decreasing stress and anxiety, letting go of cravings, increasing compassion for oneself and others, and gaining clarity about goals and life purpose.  See my post on EFT for weight loss.

Non-violent Communication (NVC)

NVC is revolutionary system developed by Marshall Rosenberg that focuses on observations, feelings, and needs.


Sandtray Therapy

Sandplay is an expressive art technique for both kids and adults.  It includes the use of a mini-sandtray and figures which represent many aspects of life.  The beauty ofthis technique is that without being a skilled artist, it is possible to visually depict your experience and then to move around its contents/characters in the sand.  Deep insights and psychic change are probable when using this highly somatic and creative too

Medical Qigong

“Qi” means energy or breath and “gong” means work or exercise. Through posture, movement, and breathing exercises, energy meridians become unblocked and qi flows smoothly.