The cards and Rachel’s reading of them were amazing!  Every card  from beginning  to end was significant. They expressed externally what was going on internally. What a surprise!  The reading gave me inspiration, encouragement and confidence. Afterwards, I found myself drawn to making positive changes. I felt happy and hopeful.  I felt like I had received validation from the universe.  Thank you, Rachel. -Tangie S. 

 I recently had a wonderful Tarot reading by Rachel. She brings the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah to her readings, and is a master ritualist. I came away with a real sense of peace and empowerment. I highly recommend  a session with Rachel to anyone interested in an enriching experience.  Blessed Be, Katherine LeMaster 

Having Rachel do her Tarot process with me was useful, fun and insightful. It’s an enjoyable way to explore the intuitive Self while learning more about the beautiful cards. Rachel offers a depth of listening and understanding of possibilities. She brings a nurturing, sweet, playful quality into her time with you. – Lou. 

I came to Rachel feeling stuck – I have a good job and a fabulous relationship, but I don’t feel like my current career supports my desire for adventure, connection, and other more meaningful endeavors. To my surprise and delight, Rachel’s reading was spot on! Every piece of my reading was carefully crafted and provided clarity and validation for feelings and desires that were within me all along, but were longing to be heard and expressed. What distinguishes Rachel’s modalities from others I’ve received was her wealth of knowledge and resources which she used to offer next steps towards actualizing my goals and intentions. I no longer feel stuck – a clear path has been laid out for me to follow, and I am feeling revitalized for the first time in a while – this is why I’m happy to give Rachel the highest of recommendations! -Amy S.

I had such a lovely and meaningful Kabbalistic tarot reading with Rachel this weekend. I really loved her gentle calm presence as she shared her insights on the card meanings. She always asked me first what my impressions were of the cards after I turned each one over, which I really liked. It allowed me the opportunity to have my own first impression of the cards but then hear her deeper wisdom and insight offered afterward. I have had a few tarot readings over the years, and I must say the deck she used was exquisitely beautiful and I absolutely loved the images on these cards. Rachel had a very reverent and sacred way of treating the cards and setting the stage before the reading that I found really helped make it feel like we were calling in Divine wisdom, and guidance. I would highly recommend Rachel for a reading if you are wanting clarity and insight into a particular issue or topic in your life. Shondeya Betari

“Working with Rachel has helped me to come to terms with some some issues that I have been struggling with for decades.  I am continually amazed by the depth of the healing that comes from our sessions together.” -Flora S., L.Ac

“Rachel Kaplan is a magical guide, combining her hypnosis skills, her sandtray expertise, and most importantly, her calm, loving, divine presence. She supports a journey into your own inner wisdom, creativity, and truth. I highly recommend that you gift yourself with this experience!” -Esther F. 

“I just finished my first session with Rachel. And I do not have the words to express how grateful I am that you recommended her. The most wonderful thing just happened, and I feel like it’s saving my life in a different way from saving my physical life. And it’s just beautiful and wonderful, and I really really thank you.” -Enid