I came to Rachel feeling stuck – I have a good job and a fabulous relationship, but I don’t feel like my current career supports my desire for adventure, connection, and other more meaningful endeavors. To my surprise and delight, Rachel’s reading was spot on! Every piece of my reading was carefully crafted and provided clarity and validation for feelings and desires that were within me all along, but were longing to be heard and expressed. What distinguishes Rachel’s modalities from others I’ve received was her wealth of knowledge and resources which she used to offer next steps towards actualizing my goals and intentions. I no longer feel stuck – a clear path has been laid out for me to follow, and I am feeling revitalized for the first time in a while – this is why I’m happy to give Rachel the highest of recommendations!

Amy S. (Portland)

“Rachel Kaplan is a wonderful therapist! She has a multitude of techniques at her disposal and can tailor her approach to your individual issue(s).  All is done gently, respectfully, compassionately, and with clarity of expression and thought that is a marvel to behold.  I highly recommend that you treat yourself to working with her, whether your challenge is large or small, long-standing or recent.”

Jane L. (Berkeley)

“Working with Rachel has helped me to come to terms with some some issues that I have been struggling with for decades.  I am continually amazed by the depth of the healing that comes from our sessions together.”

Flora S., L.Ac (Berkeley)

“Rachel Kaplan is tremendously compassionate and present.  Her calming and centered energy immediately put me at ease and allowed me to be vulnerable.  Before our time together, I had never experienced sand play therapy.  Rachel asked me a host of open ended questions about the items and their relationships.  It was shockingly revealing in terms of how I feel about people in my life and about the world.  Through sand play and Rachel’s thoughtful questions, I was able to put to words challenging interpersonal issues.  I would highly recommend her to anyone, but especially to people who have difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings through pure verbal communication.”

Quinn R. (Oakland)

“I heartily recommend Rachel as a practitioner on so many levels. She
brings both intelligence and insight to her depth, hypnosis work, and also brings out clients’ own deep, intuitive wisdom. I have experienced old beliefs
and feelings changing and healing rapidly from our work together. Rachel’s
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) work has also been highly transformative for me, in terms of uncovering emotional patterns and quickly shifting them. In addition, Rachel’s nurturing presence always makes me feel welcome and well taken care of.  If you really want to create changes in your life, you owe it to yourself to explore this profound work with Rachel.”

Becky Medcalf (Berkeley)